Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Livesay [Haiti] Weblog: They are Haiti

Just have to share this recent post by Tara Livesay...

Livesay [Haiti] Weblog: They are Haiti

One of the many things I am looking forward to in Haiti, is getting to know it's women, love the snapshot that she shares!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Say Yes to.....?

Where do you draw the line when God asks something of you?
What would you say yes to?
To what would you give Him the answer:
"Are you crazy? Absolutely NOT happenin'!"

I was thinking about my own answers to those questions today & probably will be for some time.

This weekend I saw the facebook post of an old college friend (thanks, Sheila!). Now I'm on Day 2 of a new devotional series by Kay Warren (Saddleback Church).

It seemed like a good fit since:
1) The lessons are 5 minute video devotions.
2) She calls it a 30-day "ADVENTURE", &
3) It's about learning to say YES to God.

Why after saying "yes" to MOVING to HAITI...would I still need to work on that???

In my personal experience, deciding to obey & actually moving forward & doing it are sometimes two very different things. Have you ever asked one of your amazing children to do something for you? You know something they know they need to do for you, but just isn't all that enticing? 

Has it ever played out like this in your home?

"Could you....., for me, please?"
"Sure, Mom"
"Great thanks, love"
"Oh and could you make sure that you take care of .... while you're at it too?"
"Yep, no problem, I got it."
"Well, don't forget, it's really, really important...."
"Nope, I won't."
"Great, thank you so much!"

Some time check back in w/ amazing kid, only to find out that the good intentions of obeying you that were "verbalized", have not actually "materialized"?

Yes, well, that is a "nice" version of me obeying God most days.

So, go to Haiti? Wow, that IS a tough one!
He's been at work for YEARS preparing me for not only be willing, but wholeheartedly agree to answer His call.

But what I've agreed to is still MY version of going to Haiti -- the scenario that I can picture in my head. In all reality it has probably been "edited" to my own tastes just a bit. It is possible, that His ideas may be a little different than mine & that the process of getting there, as well as life in Haiti, may have a few surprises.

In that light - YES - I am going to participate in Kay's loving "boot camp", just to make sure that I am ready to respond positively on a daily basis & (hopefully) even when those unexpected events come.

Since going back to work the past couple of years, I haven't been able to participate in any women's Bible studies. This one is finally simple enough to manage, but I'd love to have some company!!  If you'd like to join me on this particular adventure, you can sign up to receive short daily video devotions here (

Let me know what "saying yes to God" looks like for you...

Anyone who has time for some online fellowship, please message me on facebook & let's set up time to "chat"!

just say...YES!

ps: IPhone users - there is even an app for you!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The journey to Haiti officially begins...

Words can hardly describe my thoughts lately about all that God has done to get us to this place of "reckless abandon" to His work full time in orphan care! Though our path to Haiti specifically has just begun, He has been faithfully guiding us through some treacherous territory the past few years, in order to get to that starting point.

My plans are to keep up, as well as I can, my personal journey on this blog from now on, while taking on the responsibility for updating the family one at the same time! Right now we are getting that one up & going this week, so watch for the "launch" of that one very soon! We'll see how it goes to do both for a little while...?

I covet your prayers for energy & efficiency (sounds like a household appliance! lol) while we navigate the new waters of fundraising. I will continue to support the family until we are fully funded with my work for UHC. Ted will be taking over responsibilities for the guest house this fall. There are already 6 teams scheduled to be hosted there before the end of the year. Each of them is traveling down to provide much needed encouragement & support for the Haitian churches that are caring for orphans. We are hoping to move by mid-March in order to manage things in person, which will be much easier!

Pray also that I will sleep better. The beauty of being totally pain-free since recovering from my hysterectomy 3 months ago has only been marred by the fact that "insomnia" seems to be one of the classic symptoms of menopause!? Just when I thought I would be catching up on years of interrupted sleep...oh dear! I'm going to need it during this extended time of pray hard!!

Watch for more to come on our new blog roll out...both provide a place to subscribe if you'd like each post to come to your email for convenience. 

Here's a preview of the title we voted on & developed...

It's based on our family's motto & one of our favorite children's books! Be blessed...& be a someone in need today! R