Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dwindling Summer Vacation Daze & Mom Tip #1

Summer always seems to go by as fast as it comes. Ours isn't quite over, but we can feel the end is near.

Last season we were vagabonds, camping, visiting, and living in temporary housing near family and friends in Northern CA. I worked at my early "birthing" grounds there on a temporary nursing contract while in between homes. Just another "Barlow" adventure! We zipped back to Texas in time for school to start, but our transient status hung around until we were able to locate and move into a new home late fall.

It was a bit of a stretch even for our adventurous standards, so by the time we settled back down, a year of recouperation went into effect.

This summer relaxation is the order of the day. We've enjoyed simple things: the beauty of nature around our new home... a pack of wild kittens pieced together from our neighbors' excess...nurturing and taming them into cuddlebugs ...out-of-town guests...horseback riding...blueberry picking...setting off our first annual overhead fireworks show...watching fireflies and meteor showers under the stars. Did I mention writing?? I've squeezed it in here and there along with my studies. Oh, and pies! Pies, pies and more pies, apple pies, berry pies, peach pies and more! The kids have come to expect fresh pie at least once a week, and will eat it as fast as I make it.

We've learned to enjoy everyday adventures as much as grand ones of the past.

Rebecca's Mom tip # 1-- "Simplify Life"--

--whenever and however you can. Some seasons are busy, others we make that way because we are just so used to it. Restoring the rhythm of family life is important, and slowing down is part of it.

Even Jesus himself took time for rest and worship and friendship. Knowing how short the future was, he could have rushed madly around healing as many people as possible 24 hours a day or teaching incessantly, but that wasn't what his Father called him to. He sent him here to restore "peace" in our world. He modeled that for us intentionally in his daily life and then topped it off with a redemptive lesson in sacrificial love.

Slow down...simplify...make pie!

Either the rhythm is naturally falling into place around here or this weeks' heat wave is finally getting to them, but my kids are actually getting EXCITED for school to start up in a few weeks--go figure?

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Ana Barlow said...

Im glad I got to be home for our summer at home, actually at OUR home. My transition to life here has not been too difficult, and once in a while I see a butterfly and it reminds me of God's gentle presence - bringing beauty to even the most weathered of flowers when it lands on it.