Monday, February 4, 2008

Another unfortunate event


Tolkein ("little bear") Barlow
April 2007-February 2008

"Lord, you have embraced a good friend and loving companion.
While we mourn what we have lost, we do celebrate what we had...and in saying goodbye, we renew our pledge to love and care 
for any creature you entrust to us for its time of life.

Thank you, Lord,  for the joy this loved one gave us and for making it
 possible for us to have made this friend's life a good one."

At 4 months old this little guy was sickly and malnourished, weighing in at less than a pound. 

No matter what we did, he didn't seem to gain weight.

Finally after months of tender care, he turned the corner!
From then on he grew, and grew, and grew, and grew, and grew...

These photos were taken in September, to celebrate how he was finally catching up with the others.

He ended up being the healthiest, friendliest, cuddliest, chubbiest teddy-bear of a cat, with a deliciously plush, silky fur coat replacing his old, thin, straggly one.

Tolkien seemed to greet each day with an attitude of confidence and joy in life. We'll miss him dearly! Having shared in the miracle of his life,we only wish it wasn't such a short one.

His loss has taught us how important it is to bring joy into each other's lives on a daily basis, the way he always did into ours!


Christina Berry said...

He was such a cutie! What happened? It's totally okay if you don't want to say. I understand.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've missed you! Funny how you haven't been in my life very long, but I think of you often--despite the distance. :-)

Rebecca Barlow said...

Tolkien was a very cute kitten, I enjoyed him as much as everyone else did. I'll miss him forever, but I know that he is in our hearts and our memories. I love you Tolkien and I miss you. Your sister "Wolfe" does too!