Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Wait....

I recently posted the comment below on LifeSong's blog site. (Yes, in order to try to win a "free t-shirt"!!)

Writing it though, was a great reminder of God's faithfulness in all of those "times". You know...the ones when you just want to move or wiggle or run, or just DO SOMETHING to make things change?!! He sees us in our "endless midst", watches our silly shenaningans and then snickers, knowing what's in store. He's going to work it all out (for our best) in the end.

Waiting from our limited perspective can be "painful" at times. The blog I commented on challenged us to "...share a brief experience of how God worked in the waiting". It may sound like a simple little story. But it was one of the most excruciating times that I've been through in life. Knowing there will likely be more in the future, I was glad to be reminded of His hand in finally bringing it to an "end". One that I can see and move on from with deeper faith. Most importantly like many periods of uncertainty or "in-between" I see how He made something better out of me as well!

Oh the waiting...
Our adoptions (4 from Russia) began over 12 years ago. They were amazing -- God opened doors, provided funding in His glorious way, and even increased our income so that I could stay at home & care for our new girls. The wait was blessed, because He showed His clear intentions & provision for our family, but looking back that wasn't really the waiting that was so hard.

The time that was really difficult to "wait" through was the 10 years following the adoption of our youngest - twins! You see they came from "hard places". They were preemies and then lived in an orphanage, no one rocked them when they were scared or cried. People seemed untrustworthy and frightening. They only knew how to watch out for themselves. It was understandable, but made for a really difficult life in our family that wanted to be loving & "close".

So there were years of holding & tantrums, therapy, new parenting styles, prayer, crying, begging, and even probably some bargaining with God! He had his own time though. Finally we laid ourselves aside completely & just gave HIm time to do His work in them. That is when the real healing began! We watched and WAITED & waited & waited....

Our baby girls are 16 now & WELL WORTH the the time it took for God to redeem them from their past. They are sweet & beautiful creatures that are learning to know & serve God. Now it's time for "round two" and this time they will join the rest of the us as we begin our new adoption "wait"!!

This is in reference to adoption obviously, but there are so many things we wait on in life. What are some of yours and how have they changed you?

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