Saturday, September 29, 2007

More about my "TRIP"!

Oh it's so hard to come back to the "real" world of life issues and struggles. 

After this week full schedule of classes, a very unanticipated bit of potentially-life-changing news, the long awaited arrival of relocating in-laws, and a scramble to finish off my workshop article for Afictionado, I am thankful to finally be sitting in quiet at my desk this evening and having a chance to revisit my conference experiences at last!

SO, floating back to only a week ago...

I was having a blast with new friends! 

Starting out with...

(read more about our shenanigans on their sites)

Ocieanna Fleiss and CB

Lindy Jacobs



...Talking about adoption with Tiff Coulter (our girls' adoptions were in the same Siberian towns!), and Kelly Pelton (who also gave T and I the inside scoop on sightseeing in Memphis).

...Learning from and laughing with amazing authors, Sharon Hinck, Susan Meissner, Trish Perry and Deb Raney (her track was AWESOME!).

Sharon-happily signing the last of her books!

Susan is SOOOo sweet, she even gave me a copy of her latest book!! 
I only hope her workshop "300 Pages in 30 Days" helps me to write as fast as her someday!

Deb's word's of wisdom were a salve to my new writer's heart!

...Being blessed with worship, fellowship and encouragement on all sides. 

All I can say is "Thanks ACFW!!" Looking forward to next year...  =0)


Sally said...

Rebecca, it was a fun conference, wasn't it? Especially since other people did the cooking for us!

Sounds like you've had a busy post-conference week. I hope things slow down for you.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to have met you with The "Ashberry's" at the ACFW banquet. I remember your hometown, "Poetry, Tx". Now only God could design such a wonderful "hook."
Blessing for the journey, girl.

BTW...we share something else in common, one of my favorite movies is "How to lose a guy in 10 days"