Saturday, January 5, 2008

Is it REALLY a NEW year?

2008. How did that happen so fast? 

I guess in the same way that my oldest is about to turn (gulp) 21?

With a year flying by so fast, I’m not sure why I can’t manage to keep a New Year Resolution for a full year. But at some blink of a moment in time, it finally hit me that was true! Being the truly "reformed-from-my-perfectionist-tendencies" woman that I am, I immediately resolved to give them up the next year! I haven't made one since. In
my book they're right up there with the Proverbs 31 woman. One of those things I'm just not ever going to achieve--this side of heaven!!

We have, however, been trying to use the first of each year to sketch out some plans. As a family we address the latest issues and upcoming events or ideas. 2007 has held quite a few “surprises” for us (more like our own little “series of unfortunate events”). SO, either we didn’t plan thoroughly for September on, last January, or we’re in need of a few “lessons”, and our Father decided that this was just the right time in life. ??

Our “planning” is minimal for 2008. We decided instead to focus our family goals on strengthening communication, relationships, unity, and each trying to seek the best for the others as a whole. We figure no matter what comes along in 2008 those are the things to carry us through in the long run!

All that said, our “luck” (or “lessons”) don’t seem to have come to an end (or is that a new beginning??) with the annual midnight toast.

We must be acclimating to this new way of life a bit, because now T & I just look at each other and shrug when something goes completely and unexpectedly wrong, or when an added expense or bill pops up from nowhere.

“Hmmm…wonder how that’s going to work out?”
“Not really sure.”
“Guess we should pray about it, huh?”
“Probably..., add it to the list!”

Others are isolated events, like the one on New Year’s Day that reassured us our lessons weren’t over.

It was freezing cold out that evening, so I threw our little dogs in the car for a ride around the corner to feed the horses. Relatives were over watching the game, but we planned to be back in a few minutes. I tossed a couple of flakes of hay over the fence while listening to Winston, who RARELY barks, yap like a fool at the “strange creatures” in the paddock. A split second later I realized that he was in the front seat, and simultaneously heard the a strangely familiar sound--sort of a mechanical “thunk”! "Oh no, is that what I think it is?" Uh, yeah, it was him-- stepping on the automatic car lock. OF COURSE the keys were hanging in the car ignition!!! Where else would they be?? The dogs were warm in the car for the next 45 minutes while my not too happy (but still darling) husband worked in the cold, to get the door open. The good news is we didn’t end up with a “double-time” bill for calling out a locksmith. T sprang the locks just as help arrived. We did have a good laugh afterward--once we warmed up!

Tonight’s "surprise" event was a little more sober. As we arrived to feed again, we found my filly was injured. Thankfully, she’ll make it, but the bill—yep, another one of those sweet surprises!

So you see, NEW seems to be relative for
us so far this YEAR!

One thing refreshingly remains the same. God is sovereign, He loves us just as much as he did in 2007, and we are grateful daily for His divine provision and protection.

Here’s to 2008! Cherish the ups AND the downs, ‘cause I’m sure that’s what it holds!

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