Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's NOT just another season…

…of American Idol. It’s the 7th season of what has been named America’s #1 television show.

I honestly can’t attest to that because last night is the first time our family has ever watched an entire episode. Anyone who hangs around here knows that when it comes to Movies-- "ask the Barlows" we KNOW those--blockbuster, indie, foreign, you name it!; Sports (at least Ted's up on them)--we're cool; Music (between the lot of us)--it's covered; but TV shows??--I admit it-- with very few exceptions, we're pretty much total NERDS!!

Some of you who have watched it can imagine then, our initiation episode was quite an experience! WOW, what a curious menagerie of talent and painful experiences, we thought. NOT really #1 in our opinion, but we won’t judge it as harshly as Simon Cowell might. It’s obvious we’re a little “wet behind the ears” still, as my 15 year old son’s initial reaction was, “I don’t know if I can keep watching that show every week. I mean I KNOW they were REALLY, really, really, bad, but I felt just terrible for some of those auditioners!” (Hmmm, think that’s what the producers are trying to get at??)

You now ask, “WHYee??...then are the Barlow’s suddenly deciding to spend Tuesdays nights watching 'Idol' this season?” OR perhaps blurt this out instead, “Umm, I know you guys are adventurous, and all, but this is a new one for the record--are you getting THAT desperate from lack of travel this year, or excitement around the house?”  nope! The answer is simple…we can’t help ourselves.

We are thrilled with excitement, and on our knees in prayer for some friends of ours, whose son is competing this year!!! Tania Grace our oldest who has spent a little time with him, says, "mom...he is such an amazing guy." Knowing him to be a very talented and godly young man at only 20 years of age, we are anxious to see what God does in and through him during this experience.

Saturday night he was leading worship...

Wednesday night on our tv screen, yellow ticket tight in hand!

So, IF you’re a FAN, and perhaps a little more seasoned in American Idol than we are, then please join us in praying and cheering for our one and only reason for
suffering through, oops, I mean watching an entire season of American Idol this year!! (Yes, that’s right we plan on watching it right up until he wins!)

Adventure, fun and blessings Jason!!

“For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

-Ephesians 2:10


Jennifer L. Griffith said...

Super cool. Thanks for the heads up on Jason. I only get one (and an occasional half) of a fuzzy channel through my rabbit ears antenna. (Need I mention the odds of me watching this?) I pray Jason shines of Jesus on this stage.

Christina Berry said...

I thought he was amazing on stage tonight! I voted for him three times. :-) And I watched his song again after the show was over since we'd recorded it. I hope he goes far!